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Share your message with live streaming through the Highlands of Scotland, and beyond.

Live streaming helps connect a wider audience to your message.

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3 Rose Media are pleased to offer live streaming services for clients throughout the Highlands of Scotland.

As one of the most exciting developments in recent technology, live streaming has opened up the opportunity to share your message or event with more people than ever before.  Live Streaming offers a  particular benefit to users throughout the Highlands, enabling your audience to connect to your event without the additional cost of travel time.

Live Streaming offers access to a global audience, instantly. While we’d always agree that there’s a magic to being in the room together, live streaming offers an opportunity to widen your audience to people around the world. We have seen clients benefit firsthand from having a wider perspective of input and interactions at their events.

Our platform can allow for a variety of different setups, either broadcasting your live event for delivery to your audience, or allowing you to have two way interaction between your audience and host. This allows for an engaged user experience and helps to build a stronger relationship between you and your intended audience.

As well as being streamed live, you can also benefit from a recording of your event, allowing more people to engage with your content after the event has passed. Post event recordings can also be placed behind a paywall should you wish, enabling you to recoup some of the event costs while sharing your content with a wider audience.

Content can also be shared simultaneously via a variety of platforms, such as your company website or social media profiles, similarly if you’d rather restrict your content to a limited audience then that is also possible – live streaming really does offer a multitude of options to help you make the most of your message.


Making the most of your live stream

We’re here to help – some of the questions we get asked most frequently are here – but we’ll be happy to help with any other questions you have.

Can I save my live streams for later viewing?

Yes, all live streams can be accessed at a later date either through our channel or can be transferred to your own account should you prefer.

Do you offer multi-camera setups for live streaming?

Yes we can offer a range of camera setups to suit the needs and budget of your event. Multi camera views enable your online audience to view and experience more of your event – both on and off the stage.

Can I include interactive features like polls or Q&A sessions in my live stream?

Yes, our platform allows for a variety of features to help drive engagement from your audience in your event.

Do you provide analytics or insights on viewership and engagement?

Yes, we are able to provide a short report from each event that details the engagement from your event. Our clients find that this is a great benefit to help understand how the event has been run.

Can I password-protect my live streams for restricted access?

Yes, your event can be password protected should you wish. The event can also be made available to download or to view only based on your preferences.

What are the bandwidth requirements for live streaming?

We can check your internet speed and determine if it’s suitable for livestreaming. We’ve successfully livestreamed from a barn in a field, even with an internet connection over 100 meters away. Ross has also livestreamed with ITV This Morning from remote locations without any hard-wired internet connections. So, you can leave it to us to ensure a smooth livestreaming experience for you.

If you’d like to check your internet speed yourself, we recommend this website.

What equipment do I need to start live streaming?

We provide all of the equipment to livestream your event. The only resources needed are to help determine the source of your internet connection and your power supply.

Is there a limit to the number of viewers I can have during a live stream?

No, your livestream is capable of being viewed by as many viewers as you like.

Do you offer technical support during live streams?

Yes, we are present throughout the whole process from pre producction to post event.

Can I monetize my live streams?

Yes you can, we’ll happy to discuss the options during your pre production process.

Can I integrate branding and graphics into my live streams?

Yes you can, we’ll be happy to advise on what the options are and how you can provide graphics to be integrated into your livestream production.

What types of events or occasions are suitable for live streaming?

There are no limits to what can be live streamed! We have experience of broadcasting a range of large and small meetings, corporate events, sporting activities and life events.

Preparing your livestream for your next event.

If you’re planning to live stream an event, there are several technical aspects that need to be taken into consideration. These include selecting the right number of cameras, vision mixer, sound recording equipment, specialized microphones, internet connectivity, and cables. The abundance of choices can be quite daunting. 

To simplify the process, we have a few key questions that we need you to answer:- 

  1.   Firstly, how many people will be speaking and/or presenting at your event?
  2.   Secondly, will there be an audience present?

Yes we only require two answers! Based on your answers, we will take care of all the necessary technical details and coordinate with your venue. For smaller events, we can provide a one-camera set-up with a handheld or lav mic. However, for larger events, we offer a multi-camera set-up with PA sound and recording sound, and Presenter-led options that can be customized based on your budget. 

Once your live stream event is over, we will create short highlight reels that you can use for social media clips, and we will upload the full event at your convenience.

Additionally, we will provide you with a brief report that includes analysis of viewing figures and insights on how well your live stream performed.

Other Services We Offer

Audio and Sound Recording

Broadcast quality sound and audio capture throughout the Highlands


From short promotional videos to International News Broadcasts – we can do it!

“Upon meeting Ross for the first time to discuss the filming of our dance show, we were put at ease right away. His experience and knowledge really helped bring our show to life.

Ross was very professional, communicative and easy to work with. We throughly enjoyed working with Ross, and would highly recommend him.”

Stephanie Wie-Harris. Moray Dance Director

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